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Get the most out of your ski holiday by taking ski lessons. Having an instructor by your side will help you get the most out of your holiday and if you are a beginner then it is essential.

Below you can look into ski school in France, Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Canada and Switzerland and you can choose from group lessons, private lessons and snowboard lessons. You can also book crèches in the main french resorts.

Please phone for more details.

Useful Information

Ski School Times

Group ski lessons tend to run for 6 days starting on a Sunday or 5 days starting on Monday. You have the choice between the mornings or afternoons (morning classes tend to fill up faster and are usually more expensive then the afternoon lessons.) There is also the possibility of having full day lessons in some resorts which is recommended for beginner skiers. Lessons normally start at 9am in the morning and 2pm in the afternoon with classes running for 2-3 hours. Instructors will speak English.

It is important to read the information in the product descriptions when booking ski school as different countries and resorts work differently for ski school.

In the resorts in the area of Grandvalira in Andorra it is not possible to book for morning or afternoons in advance - this choice is made when you get to resort. In the resorts in the area of Vallnord in Andorra lessons run from 12pm until 3pm.

In Austria you book for 4 hours of lessons a day which are normally split with 2 hours in the morning (10am - 12pm) and 2 hours in the afternoon (1pm - 3pm.)

Private ski lessons are a more expensive option to the group lessons. The price shown on the website is for the instructor and not per person. Private lessons tend to run over the lunch-time period.

What Level?

When booking ski or snowboard lessons you need to choose which level you think you’d be best suited to. It is best not to over or under estimate this although there is usually the possibility to move classes if you are not suited to the level you are booked into. Below is a guide to help you choose which level you would be best suited to.

Classification for adult skiers:

Adult ski lessons: Beginner - Ski classes for people who have never skied before or have limited dry ski slope experience. These classes will teach you the basics and will have you going down green slopes, snowplough turning and in control by the end of the week! Not all resorts require beginners to have lift passes on day 1, this will depend on the time of year and snow conditions, check with the ski school before you start your classes.
Adult ski lessons: Level 1 - For those who already have some skiing experience i.e. you have skied one week and you can ski down green runs in a basic snowplough. At the end of these classes you will be linking your turns with confidence and moving towards parallel turns.
Adult ski lessons: Level 2 - Intermediate ski classes for people who can ski down blue runs and manage parallel turns and link basic swings, but aren't yet comfortable on reds. At the end of a week's classes you should be able to ski down blues and reds confidently having perfected your parallel turns, skiing with better style and increased speed.
Adult ski lessons: Level 3 - You ski parallel, but blacks still pose problems. These ski classes will help you to learn to love moguls and those steeper pistes. At the end of a week you should have improved upper-lower body separation, refined pressure control, improved steering techniques, and you should have mastered short swing and race turns.
Adult ski lessons: Level 4/Expert - Advanced ski classes for people who ski with ease even on black runs. So, now you'll be taken around the resort and shown some of the best runs in resort and the best off-piste, according to your wishes and the snow conditions.

Classification for children's ski lessons

Child ski lessons: Beginner - Lessons for children under 3½ who have never skied before. They will learn to ski through play, learn to use a drag lift and will make their first descents on green runs. Children will not need a lift pass on their first day.
Child ski lessons: Level 1 Your child has already used drag lifts. At the end of the week they should have perfected their snowplough and can finish their turns with skis parallel. They will need their own lift pass from day one.
Child ski lessons: Level 2 - Your child can ski all over on easy runs. Now they will learn to make their turns parallel.
Child ski lessons: Level 3 Intermediate classes for children who can ski blue and red pistes. Now they can refine their technique & improve their coordination.
Child ski lessons: Level 4 Advanced classes for children who will be taught how to ski moguls and will perhaps ski in powder. Being taught to ski on various terrains will help them to become true skiers.

Classification for snowboarders

Snowboard lessons: Beginner - Instruction for people who have never been on a board before. You will learn how to balance, the best way to fall and how to link turns on green runs.
Snowboard lessons: Level 1 - This is for people who are managing to link turns on blue and green runs, but lack that refined technique and cutting edge.
Snowboard lessons: Level 2 - Classes for those wishing to gain more slope style and learn how to do jumps and tricks.
Snowboard lessons: Level 3 - Advanced instruction for experienced snowboarders (adults only) who want to improve their off-piste riding, under the supervision of a guide or instructor who knows the mountains well. The structure of these lessons depends on the weather and snow.

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