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We attempt to make the enquiry and booking process with us as easy and as straight forward as possible. If, however, you have any outstanding questions, we hope that we have answered them below. If there is anything that still needs clarifying then do not hesitate to contact us. The following should be used as a guide only but it is worth reading so that you are familiar with the whole booking process. Please also refer to our Pre-booking Info and Terms and Conditions pages for more information.

ifyouski.com, why use ifyouski.com and how to use this website.

1. Who are ifyouski.com?

ifyouski.com, owned by Zoom Travel Ltd. is a specialist online ski travel agency specialising in the catered chalet market and ski hotels. We sell ski holidays, acting solely as a booking agent on behalf of carefully chosen holiday/tour operators. We use our vast ski experience and resort knowledge alongside our carefully selected accommodation database to find you the best holiday options.

2. Does it cost to use the service of ifyouski.com?

No. Our service is free – we do not add any ‘finder’ or booking fees on top of the usual price of the holiday, as advertised by the holiday/tour operator. When necessary, we very occasionally add on an admin fee to a booking – please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

3. Why use ifyouski.com to book a ski holiday?

i) Choice: We work with a range of ski operators, chalet and hotel owners so rather than you trawling the internet looking for the best deal or most suitable accommodation, we will use our experience and database to find you the best holiday options.
ii) Service: We are all skiers and/or boarders and our passion is skiing. This means that most of our sales and admin staff have enjoyed ski seasons in a wide range of resorts and they often personally know each property that is offered on this website. This means that you will be sold the right accommodation for you and your group.
iii) Value: You will not be able to find a better value anywhere else on the internet or at your local high street travel agency. And our service is completely free.

4. What financial guarantees do you have if you book through ifyouskicom

We are a Member of ABTA (P6734) which means you have the benefit of ABTA’s assistance and Code of Conduct. All the package and Flight-Plus holidays we sell are covered by a scheme protecting your money if the supplier fails. Our ABTA number is P6734. Please refer to the ABTA website for more information.

Abta travel advice and holiday information

5. How is the accommodation rated on this website?

The overall accommodation rating is to be used as a guide only, we have created a scale from 1 to 6 (1 being the lowest quality; 6 being the highest). It has been rated using our subjective opinion together with those of the holiday/tour operator which include the following factors: i) The facilities, services and amenities as advertised for the accommodation ii) The location of the property, in regards to ski accessibility and its proximity to town and/or the town’s amenities iii) Age, décor and design of the accommodation iv) Any guest satisfaction feedback from the holiday/tour operator The rating given is not an official rating.

6. What is included in the holiday price?

The prices displayed on this website are per person per week, in UK pound Sterling (£) and are based on full occupancy of the lowest priced room available. They may or may not include return flights and/or resort transfers. The travel arrangements, catering and service included in the advertised price is described on each property page, but some of these factors are subject to availability (for eg flights). The advertised holiday price does not usually include ski carriage, equipment hire, travel insurance, lift passes, in-resort services, lunchtime food or an 'open bar', unless otherwise clearly stated in the property description. Additional room or travel supplements may apply, which you will be advised of in the course of your enquiry.

7. What is the group leader?

The person who makes the booking on behalf of the whole group is called the group leader (or ‘lead name' on the booking). The group leader will be bound by the tour/holiday operator’s contract and booking conditions, which will govern all aspects of the holiday. The group leader has a number of responsibilities of which they need to be aware - please refer to the specific Tour Operators Terms of Use for more information.

8. How can you benefit from Group Discount?

Group discount and free holiday places are determined by each holiday/tour operator. Group discounts are applied based on a number of pre-determined factors, including the size of the group, the date of travel and the accommodation chosen. Maximum group discount can only be offered if the group leader pays for the holiday in a one-off payment. We can collect payment from different members of the group, but additional charges may be made for separate payments. Please be aware that if you originally benefited from a group discount but your group size subsequently decreases from the original, group discount may be reduced and the costs per person may increase.

Before you book a ski holiday

9. You have found suitable holiday but can you change elements of the package as offered?

Some holidays advertised with flights and transfers included in the price can also be booked on an ‘independent travel’ or self-drive basis. Most holiday/tour operators allow the accommodation to be booked without taking the flight and/or transfer element and usually are offered at a reduced price – but please call for details as the reductions vary from operator to operator. Some holidays can be offered with a ‘superior’ or upgraded service at additional cost. Please contact us for more details - if this hasn’t been mentioned in the property description, this can often be arranged.

10. Do you need to pay for ski carriage?

There may be an additional charge (and limited availability) for ski carriage, so you must inform our sales staff if you need ski carriage, during the enquiry process and before the booking is made. Ski carriage reservations will be confirmed with you at the time of booking; before a booking confirmation, ski carriage cannot be guaranteed.

11. How do you make a booking?

You may either browse our website and look for a suitable holiday yourself or phone us with your requirements and we’ll do the searching for you. Either way, you will then have to phone us to make the booking and pay a deposit (or full cost of holiday, depending on how close to your travel-date you are making the booking). We would always rather speak to you as it is far easier to gauge requirements over the phone than by receiving an email or an enquiry form. We typically need to know details such as the date of travel (or range of dates available), the size and make up of your group, the ages of any children on return date of travel, your holiday budget, travel arrangements (including preferred departure airports) and any other relevant requirements (eg ski carriage or ski hire arrangements). Armed with the above information, we will find suitable accommodation options, provide you with detailed costings and from that, you can select which property would be the most suitable for you and your group. We can usually temporarily reserve a whole chalet for example, or a specific room for up to 48 hours or so, which essentially stops anyone else booking the accommodation in that time while you make a final decision. Once you are happy for us to continue with the holiday booking, your payment will secure the booking (either a deposit or full balance depending on time of year). Following the booking, we will send a booking confirmation email, which must be thoroughly checked by the group leader immediately. This will be followed by an invoice.

12. How much, and when do you pay for the holiday?

In order to secure a ski holiday booking, a non-refundable deposit is required (if booked 12 or more weeks before the holiday start date). This will typically be around £100-£250 per person for holidays in the Alps and the rest of Europe and around £200 per person for holidays to North America and Canada. Final balance is required 12 weeks before the holiday start date. We will inform you of these exact amounts before the booking is placed and these will be confirmed in your booking confirmation email. For any holiday booked within 12 weeks before the holiday start date, full payment for the holiday is required at the time of booking. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information relating to late payment of final balance.

13. How can you pay?

Payments can be made over the phone by debit or credit card during the booking process or by bank transfer or cheque following a booking . There are no surcharges on any card payments, but we no longer accept credit cards for final balance payments. Any special bank charges incurred such as foreign transfer costs, must be covered by you. We can collect deposit or final payment from different payment cards, but for any more than 5 cards there will be an admin charge of £10 per additional card. All payments made to us need to be in UK pound sterling only.

14. Whose Terms and Conditions apply to your holiday?

Although you are booking through us, your holiday will be bound by the Booking Terms and Conditions of the chosen holiday/tour operator and therefore these will govern all aspects of the holiday. It is therefore important to be aware of these by referring to the holiday/tour operator’s Terms and Conditions before a booking is made. We can provide these on request. Please also read our Terms and Conditions as these may clarify other aspects of the enquiry and booking process. We attempt to explain everything we do in the simplest possible terms using everyday language; however, if there is anything that needs clarifying regarding these FAQs, the Terms and Conditions or the booking process, then please contact us by either phone or email.

15. What about any special requests that you may have?

If you or any member of your group have any special requests or require a particular facility or service that is either important or essential to the enjoyment of your holiday, then this needs to be requested in writing and confirmed by us before the booking is made. We cannot guarantee that your request will be met and we will have no liability if this is not met but we will strive to ensure that our suppliers can meet your request. Vegetarian, vegan or other dietary requirements can be provided in most of the accommodation sold on this website, but this must be discussed with our staff before a booking is made. Some diets may incur an additional charge. Any dietary requirement/s will be confirmed with you at time of booking and will be noted on your confirmation invoice; it is your responsibility to ensure that any dietary requests are correctly recorded on the booking confirmation email and the invoice.

Following a ski holiday booking

16. What happens next?

i) Confirmation: A holiday booking will only be acknowledged once payment, as directed by us, has been made for every member of the group. This will be followed up by a booking confirmation email sent to the group leader’s email address. This will confirm all holiday details including the name of the holiday/tour operator, the date of travel, the accommodation which you have booked etc. It is important that all details are carefully and we are notified immediately if there are any discrepancies or if there is anything you do not understand. We require full details for all passengers in your group, which include title, name (as per the passport), dietary requirements and any other personal details that may be requested by the holiday/tour operator or airline. This information needs to be provided to us by the group leader by email. The group leader will soon receive an invoice from us.

ii) Tickets: Tickets will not usually be received until 7 days before the holiday start date. These will confirm flight times (which may have changed from any previous information received from us!) so it is important that these are checked very carefully. The tickets will be either sent to the group leader by post or to the group leader’s email address so it is very important that the group leader has access to the email address as provided to us for this purpose.

iii) Flight Time: Flight times may change even after tickets have been issued; if this is the case we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of any change. If you have any queries at all regarding your tickets or flight details then please contact us.

17. Can you change the names on a holiday booking?

Yes – but there is likely to be a charge for any changes made especially if flights are provided as part of the package. If any confirmed passenger information provided is incorrect, needs amending or is provided late, a charge will be applied. The charge is made by the holiday/tour operator and does vary so please contact us for further details. Please be aware that if the group size changes from the original booking, and you originally benefited from a group discount then this may be affected and the cost of the holiday may increase. We will not change any aspect of the booking by verbal instruction – any amends will only be made following written confirmation from the group leader (by email).

18. Can you cancel your holiday if needs be?

If your holiday, or members in the group need to cancel then the group leader needs to instruct us accordingly in writing (from the group leaders registered email). There will be a cancellation fee, of which you will be advised, which will increase the closer the cancellation is made to the holiday start date. Cancellation fees are based on the holiday/tour operator's booking conditions. All holidays purchased via us are governed by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. These make reference to certain elements (including refunds, travel date changes or cancellations) which cannot be made free of charge, following a holiday booking. All cancellations to any holiday booking are subject to the holiday/tour operator’s terms and booking conditions with whom the holiday was booked. In certain circumstances we may also apply an admin fee to a cancellation.

19. Will you need travel insurance?

Yes - the correct travel insurance is not just strongly recommended but, for many holiday/tour operators, it is essential (as per their terms and conditions) for every member of your group. It is the group leader's responsibility to ensure that each passenger has the correct holiday insurance, a valid passport and relevant visa (if applicable) to travel. Please read carefully the travel/holiday insurance section of the holiday/tour operator’s terms and conditions. We cannot accept any responsibility for you in the this that you or any member of your party travels without adequate insurance. If you would like to get a free quote, take a look at our ski travel insurance section ensuring that the policy meets the holiday/tour operator’s requirements. If you are unsure of your requirements then please contact us before your holiday.

20. Will ifyouski.com. have a presence in resort or on your holiday?

No. We are the booking agent for your holiday so we do not have any presence on your holiday. If you have booked flights as part of a package holiday, there will usually be the tour operator’s representative at both the departure and arrival airports who will guide you to the transfer bus. In resort there will usually be a resort rep. and/or resort manager and also the chalet or hotel staff who will be able to answer any questions that you may have during your stay.

The Other Bits

21. How can you find more information about the ski resort / child care etc?

Our staff has a wealth of information about all ski holiday related advice that we cannot display on this website, so the best bet is to ask us for help or advice. We have selected a few links to other websites that offer ski holiday related services or information that you may find useful or may be relevant. Please note however that we cannot take responsibility for content or information found on these sites and cannot accept liability for any damage or loss arising from reliance on such websites.

22. What do you need to be especially aware of?

The following points have been mentioned above, or are explained further in our Terms and Conditions, but we believe it is prudent to highlight again these points of particular significance, so they don’t become an issue…

i) FLIGHTS: Flights are subject to availability and are usually based on the cheapest departure airport.
ii) FLIGHT TIMES: On both enquiring and booking, just be aware that flight times MAY change following booking confirmation. Check your tickets for confirmed flight times - they will ONLY be displayed on your tickets.
iii) HOLIDAY PRICES: Prices of holidays may alter during the enquiry process.
iv) TICKETS: Tickets are issued around 7 days before departure.

If you are thinking of making a ski holiday booking with us, you may find the following page useful: Pre-booking Information.

If you have any questions on these FAQs, please contact us

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