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ski health and fitness

Skiing can be an extremely demanding sport. In order to maximise your enjoyment on the slopes and minimise the risk of injury, it's important to get in good shape before you head to the mountains.

In order to get the most out of your skiing, keep your body in good shape throughout the year. Cycling, running, swimming and skipping are good for cardiovascular fitness, as are aerobic or stepping workouts. To improve your endurance, your fitness training should include at least 20 uninterrupted minutes of aerobic work, at least twice a week.

Squash and racquetball help to build explosive power, while weights are most effective to develop muscular strength. There is no need to use heavy weights, or to build muscle bulk. Concentrate on leg and back exercises, but don't forget your stomach and shoulders. Aim for three to six sets of 20 repetitions with fairly light weights, concentrating on perfect execution.

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