Lower Slopes: 220cm
Upper Slopes: 300cm

Baqueira-Beret , Spain

Another of the Spanish Royal Family's favourite resorts, Baquiera is also Spain's largest ski area. It's fashionable among Spaniards, which has led to higher prices than other local resorts. Baquiera provides enjoyable restaurants on and off the slopes, with the usual late start to any nightlife. Even though it's purpose-built, the village is quite attractive and the ...

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Recreational activities
Bowling alleytick
Sports centretick
Hot tubtick
Ice rinktick
Walking trailstick
Other facilities
No of banks3
Credit cards acceptedtick
Child caretick
No of supermarkets2
Apres ski
No of bars8
No of nightclubs2
No of restaurants14
Traditional cuisinetick
Italian cuisinetick