Ski Holidays in La Tania, France

Skiing Holidays in La Tania

A ski holiday in La Tania means access to the whole Three Valleys ski area, but without paying a premium for it. La Tania was specifically built as an accommodation base for the 1992 Albertville Olympics. Since then it has become a ski holiday resort in its own right, with direct access to both Méribel and Courchevel. It offers excellent value and use of the awesome skiing and boarding offered by the Three Valleys.
La Tania Ski Holidays: The Skiing
A La Tania ski holiday offers all the joys of skiing in the Three Valleys, which has plenty to entertain beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers. The La Tania village is set amongst trees and the runs down to it are at their best when there is plenty of powder, but with north facing slopes and good snowmaking facilities, it is possible to ski right back down to your ski accommodation for most of the season.

La Tania Ski Holidays: Off the Snow
In itself, La Tania isn't the liveliest of spots, particularly when compared to its illustrious neighbours. If you are looking for late nights, stay in Méribel. However, a skiing holiday in La Tania does represent great value, even if it is slightly sleepy. The ski school is predominantly conducted in French, so if you don't speak and understand the native language, you could experience a few difficulties.

Why La Tania?
- Specifically built
- Hosted 1992 winter Olympics
- Direct access to Meribel and Courchevel
- Excellent value
- Awesome skiing and boarding
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Best Deals in La Tania
Beriozka 15-Dec £579 save £70
Cote Coeur 06-Jan £599 save £140
Cote Coeur 13-Jan £599 save £140
Jennifer 15-Dec £609 save £70
Nid Alpin 15-Dec £629 save £70
Beriozka 12-Jan £639 save £60
Beriozka 05-Jan £659 save £10
Jennifer 12-Jan £659 save £60
Cote Coeur 20-Jan £659 save £140
Cote Coeur 14-Apr £689 save £40
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