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A Day in the Life… of Suz!

working in a ski shop
Ski Shop - My Day
"I worked as part of a small ski sales team in this Scottish-run shop which had mainly British and Scandinavian clients.

My boss was a young French guy called Cedric who, despite being the only Frenchman in the whole of the company, was still very much part of the team - except for the fact that he smoked 40 a day and had a big appetite for... yes frog's legs... yuk!!!

The other guys in the team included a fellow Scot who was rather fond of his nights out on the beer, as well as sneaking out to sell his 'Think Drink' T-shirts (which can be a good money earner if you work hard at it) - and a 3 week skier who was just so keen, that he was promoted from the rental shop in the first week.

Rental is generally where first time saisonniers start off.

It's not as specialist and can be manic! Imagine 40 tired people queuing outside the shop with smelly feet and a short temper.

It was fun, hard work (contract is 38 hours but expect to do more). There was some training, but you were expected to learn quickly about everything from skis and bindings to off piste equipment, telemark stuff, servicing and loads more.

Wages were not great, but perks of the job included being able to take out any unused test skis, testing of new products, plenty of ski time - far more than the average shop and beers after work.

Lift pass and accommodation were not included."
Other Shop Jobs Were:
Workshop - mostly evening and night work preparing skis
The boot lab - long hours, very specialised, good bonuses, respect!
Driver - couple of hours in the morning, few more in evening
Till - or 'till totty' - as they tend to get called, which is general sales & till

Precision Ski has a good reputation as Customer Service is emphasised continually.

Clients generally leave the shop happy and therefore the atmosphere to work in is normally good. Would I go back? Yes, if the package was right... and I could get my French up to scratch!"