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What to Take

what to take on a ski season

Remember, you are not going to another planet, so you don't need to take 5 months' supply of washing powder with you… If you are working for a tour operator who is providing transport to the resort, you will probably be limited to a couple of pieces of luggage.
Buying Equipment
Ski resorts tend to be the most expensive places to buy ski wear. As a resort worker you should be able to get discounts from local shops in resort which can make things a bit more affordable. However, with the current exchange rate, it can now work out a lot cheaper to buy equipment in the UK.

Obviously you need to have an idea of what you’re after, it’s no good buying a pair of race skis only to find you prefer riding the park, and you do then have to transport everything out with you, but the very competitive prices offered by UK retailers now means that supporting your local snow wear shop leaves you with more beer money than buying abroad.

If you are working for a tour operator, you will be issued with the company uniform.

OK, so it might not be the hippest thing to ever hit the catwalk, but it has its advantages: you don't get your own gear trashed and restaurant and shops may give you discounts.

However, your uniform will alert every guest in a 5 mile radius of your presence... not always a good thing.

Tips: Check out the ski shows for bargains on last year's gear.
Don't Leave Home Without
2 alarm clocks - Get up early for powder days… oh, and get to work on time.

Plenty of ski socks - just in case you can't find the laundrette for the first few months.

CD Player/portable speakers - radio reception in resort may be limited to the local radio station and 5 months of the same 10 records can get quite tiresome.

Money - most resorts have cashpoints, so take plastic to avoid carrying bags of cash.

Vitamins, lotions and potions - you may find toiletries & other essentials more expensive in resort.

Plug adapters - for any electrical equipment.
Hiring Equipment
Ski/Board hire may come as part of your wage package.

However, don't expect them to trust you with their top range gear.

It is worth bribing shop staff with beer, cakes, etc (however far you are prepared to go) to secure an upgrade or to get your equipment serviced.
Before You Go:
Get Geared Up: