CV and Interview Advice

ski job interview
CV Tips
Make it clear, uncluttered and highlight all relevant skills.

Keep to two pages max - one if possible.

Give a brief overview of who you are.

Help the employer by listing your skills and relevant experience.

Include hobbies and interests.

Use the spellchecker and get a mate to read through it for any mistakes.


If you claim to be fluent in 3 languages, you will be tested at interview. Don't be too liberal with the truth.

The people interviewing you have probably done seasons themselves, so will be a good source of advice.

They will also be able to spot a "porky-pie" a mile away, so stick to what you know.
The Interview
Go with an idea of where you want to work (don't pick somewhere that is not in their brochure!).

Personality - most jobs will include a lot of client contact, so make sure your social skills shine.

Have a look at the company web site or brochure before the interview. If you are interviewed for a chalet position, make sure you know how to cook the meals on your menu plan...

A lot of tour operator interviews will be in a group and you will be asked to introduce yourself to everyone. Have a couple of interesting facts about yourself ready to dazzle the group with.

Be confident, but not cocky.

Be clean and smart - leave the grunge dude look for resort.

You will be asked if you have any questions - have a few questions ready for the interviewer.

Check out what is included in your wage package: accommodation, lift pass (local or area), travel to resort, food, equipment hire etc.

Do you have to pay a deposit for the uniform? Will they keep a retainer from your wages during the season? Ask about training provided. What will your role involve?