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Turning Snowboards into Art

Ever wondered what to do with your old and broken skis and snowboards? Too precious to throw away even though they are causing a hazard in your hallway?

Austrian artists Tom and Andy Lohner take recycling to the next level by turning old snowboards into works of art. Having been seduced by their creations on display at the Metro Ski Show and the London Freeze, we spent a few minutes talking to Tom to find out what they are all about.

Loslohbros recycle old snowboards
So why painting on snowboards?
We usually use wrecked things as a background for our pieces for three reasons:
1st: We were bored of painting on paper and canvas.
2nd: Using something broken or wrecked - gives a readymade story to the whole piece.
3rd: My brother and I are big fans of recycling.

Loslohbros at the metro ski showHow did you guys get started?
"We've been painting next to one another ever since I can remember. We always painted, drew or scribbled down what we had in our minds. We then went to art school together whilst working freelance as artists at the same time."

And what brought you to the UK?
"It is hard to spark big, individual and unique things in Austria (the country in which we're based). We managed to make ourselves a name at home by exhibiting in numerous museums and galleries but soon reached a ceiling. After some time Sarah Sepahi (FBBB - "For Boarders By Boarders") got us out to the UK for some shows. She's a really wonderful person with a talent to bring out the best in other artists. We're really happy to count her as one of our really close friends (and also the guys from the FBBB-crew, lots of talent to be found there)."

What would you say were your main influences?
loslohbros at the metro ski show "We get a lot of inspiration from music. I think that music and art are two things that go hand in hand - each inspires the other. Then there are of course the other artists that you talk to and create with - and movies too. Although sometimes it's just feelings that give you the creative input, sometimes I just want to catch this one emotion and bang it onto a background."

Any plans for the future?
At the moment my brother and I mix our art into corporate designs and other jobs that we are assigned as designers (music albums, key art, illustrations, layouting etc...). We work with two other great designers appearing as "bubbles and bones" - a creative collective that we are starting right now, so who knows... maybe someday we might have our own little design agency.

Check out their blog here

Jennie Excell