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The Warren Smith Ski Academy has been changing and developing skiers technique for over a decade. The formula that has proved so successful, focusing on confidence building and skill development, is now available in a series of DVD's.

Lesson 1 of the series give solutions for Carving, steeps, moguls and freeskiing. Warren gives technical explanations, exercises and skill development for the four topics to help you become a confident all mountain skier. There is also a special freeride safety explanation by top British guide Nick Parks. This programme is designed to help the following levels – intermediate, advanced and expert. The DVD contains additional footage on Ski Biomechanics, Physiology, Ski Maintenance and the original script.

Lesson 2 continues with more exercises, tips and explanations will help to take your skiing to the next level. As with Lesson 1, the learning process is progressive and works under the philosophy of matching skill development with confidence building. The DVD includes core strength and mountain bike training, ski biomechanics and the original script.

lesson 3 gives intermediate, advanced and expert technique solutions to improve your carving, steeps, moguls and freeskiing. Designed also to aid 'GAP' ski instructor level skiers. DVD extra's include, dry land training, on mountain warm up, skier cross intro and more mountain bike training.

Finally, Lesson 4 gives intermediate, advanced and expert technique solutions for carving, steeps, moguls and freeskiing (powder/off-piste). The lessons have been designed to help boost confidence, especially when venturing into freeride terrain. DVD extras include: 'Dry Land Training 2', 'Skier Cross Contd.', 'Downhill Mountain Bike' and 'Academy Course Info'.

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