Choosing Snowboard Bindings

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Before thinking about buying bindings you must buy boots, as the size and style of bindings that you need will depend on this. Snow and Rock snowboard buyer Mark Harries lets us in on some binding buying secrets:
snowboard boot buying advice
"Often overlooked, the binding is an important connection between your boots and your board. The right choice of bindings can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your set up, so choose a binding that suits your ability and matches the rest of your equipment. A stiffer binding will tranmit energy faster to your board, making them suitable for more advanced or aggressive riders. A softer bindings will be more forgiving to turn so will benefit beginners or freestyle riders looking for a softer flex for tweaks and grabs. Look for a binding that provides an almost seamless fit with your boots to ensure your riding is more efficient and your boots don’t move around."