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Skis - everything you need to know

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The right pair of skis should feel like part of your body. The wrong pair can seem viciously uncooperative. You need to take a lot of time and effort to get the right pair that will suit your needs exactly.

There are so many types of ski available now; from telemarking and cross-country skis to race skis and ski boards – it's hard to know where to start.

This section of goes a little way to explaining what skis are all about. We've also got a few tips on renting and buying your first pieces of equipment.
Ski Equipment Guide
[Photo: Salomon 09-10 male and female freestyle and freeride skis]
What's important?
What do you want from your skis ?

Ease of turning
Edge Grip
Stability at speed
Vibration absorption
Versatility in all conditions
Precision and forgiveness
Light weight
Colour and graphics
More tips on choosing skis

Skier Ability
Ski Types
Carving Ski
Ski Anatomy
Ski Length
Ski Rental Advice
How to Buy