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The monoski came into fashion in the early '80s and was seen all over the mountains until the arrival of snowboards.

It's a double-width alpine ski with two bindings mounted side by side. A longer, broader ski is used for powder and a shorter, narrower ski for groomed snow. They are, however, notoriously unstable on straight schusses and hard work in firm or icy conditions.

You would find it difficult to rent or buy a monoski these days, despite attempts to revive the trend using 'shaped' technology and wider stances.


The Skwal
The Skwal is a ski-snowboarding hybrid, which has gained something of a cult following. It was created by Patrick 'Thias' Balmain in 1992, who went on to set up his own company 'Thias' - the producers of Skwal.

It comes in lengths from 168-183cm and looks more like a long, thin monoski than a normal snowboard. One foot is placed in front of the other and you face the direction of travel, much the same as in waterskiing.

Speed skiing
Feel the need for speed? Don't like turning? Have a thing for rubber?Then speed skiing is the sport for you. 0-154 mph within ten seconds - only speed freaks need apply.

You'll need a polyurethane coated polypropylene suit, an aerodynamic helmet and skis that are 240cm long, specifically made for speed skiing.

The old red, or black and orange Salomon SX-92 Equipe boots are recommended, together with racing bindings, custom-bent poles filled with 2lb of lead, gloves that have leather grip and a rubber coating.

You will also need fire-retardant high-density foam back protection, so that if (or when) you fall, you don't burn your back.

Snow Funboards
Snow funboards are very similar to windsurfs and they are used to sail on snowy and icy plains. You'll need a lot of gear: your skis, a board, a boom and a short sail, as well as a harness, helmet, gloves and pads.

How much fun in the moguls?

Never heard of Paraskiing? Apparently it's the new millennium gliding sport.Paraskiing uses wind power to aid the skier to glide across lakes and any other open areas.

For paraskiing gear, check out the following site:



Developed in France in 1992, the Snowscooter is a cross between a BMX bike and a snowboard.

Its extreme agility and durability allows it to handle any kind of spectacular move, whether in deep powder or on hardpack. It will even perform all of your favourite BMX moves in the snowpark.

You can hire snowscooters from many rental shops, so why not have a go?