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What should you look for in a ski boot? Firstly, it must be comfortable: you will be wearing it for around seven hours a day when you're skiing.

Secondly, the boot must form an effective link between you and the snow. It must be sufficiently rigid laterally to transmit movements of your legs into ski movements, but must still allow some forward flex at the ankle.

Finally, it must hold your foot – especially your heel – firmly in place.

The basic construction of all ski boots is similar, consisting of a rigid polyurethane shell, with a soft removable inner. Many top end boot inners and shells can now be heat moulded to your foot, making them even more comfortable.

Actual experience varies from boot to boot and from foot to foot, so make sure you try on a few.


Lange Ski Boot
Salomon's Falcon CS Pro ski boot with their famous Custom Shell Technology
Salomon's Falcon CS Pro with their famous Custom Shell Technology

  • Don't ski too hard in new boots: once you get a bruise, it's hard to relieve the pressure
  • Cut your toenails
  • Make sure your socks don't ruck
  • Don't over-tighten your boots
  • Remove your inners at night if they seem wet
  • Never leave your boots in the car overnight or in an unheated room
  • Do the first few runs each day with your boots slightly looser than normal
  • Loosen your boots on chairlifts if necessary
  • Wear your boots around the house before your holiday

Where to Buy?
So, you've decided to take the plunge and kit yourself out with some new gear. Do you buy at home or abroad? We've always been fans of supporting UK grown snow wear retailers, and with the combination of the current exchange rate and competitive UK prices, buying gear locally can now leave you with more beer money in your pocket than buying abroad. Plus there is the added advantage of sales assistants that speak the same language and not having to take a plane if something goes wrong with your equipment and you need to return it!

For a great selection of ski and snowboard wear, see what our friends at Snow and Rock have to offer.